Damola Akintunde

Damola Akintunde
April 19, 2018 Sour Mango


Living in the era of popular culture where its pays to adhere to norms, it has become extremely rare to find artists whose art is dedicated not only to the betterment of themselves but others as well. While they are a rare commodity it is always refreshing to cross paths with such amazing individuals. Overflowing with intellect, grace and beauty Damola Akintunde is one of these rare commodities in society.

Based in North Carolina, Damola is a photographer whose main medium is portraiture as well as fashion photography. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Medical Anthropology from the University of North Carolina, she admits that she never imagined that photography would end up playing such an important role in her life. It is only when she started looking at the hobby in a different light upon coming to the realization that psychology and photography are closely linked that she began experimenting more with the art-form. The photographer highlights that once she understood how photography could capture human emotion, it drew her attention. She states that as someone who studied psychology as well as the anthropology of healing, she uses that knowledge as a source of inspiration to create authentic work.

When asked about what her work is about, she said that “it is centered on the self and unravelling emotions that individuals have about themselves”. Damola states that she wants to serve as a tool to help individuals explore who they are. The photographer said “when I am either photographing myself or others, I try to show the relationship between personal experiences as well as certain emotions that individuals feel in those moments”. She furthermore brought it to light that more than helping individuals explore who they are, her work is about giving people of colour agency and presenting them in a manner that society has not presented them by bringing them out of the background where society ever so often places them. She states that her photography is about more than merely taking a picture and that it is not only about healing individuals but furthermore making them see themselves as art. The photographer describes her style of photography as leaning towards colour theory with her focus being on earth tones. She states that this is her love in photography because it is not overbearing and does not take away from the beauty of the subject. When asked about a defining moment in her career she revealed that it was when she was in Cape Town and was given the opportunity to work with Adidas Originals Area3. Damola states that Cape Town and the Area3 space were great because they did not only teach her a great deal, but furthermore reinforced her passion for her art.

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