David Kitutu

David Kitutu
April 19, 2018 Sour Mango


Whether be it in the streets of the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Britain or Canada, David Kitutu is a style Maven to be reckoned with. Born in Congo and having settled in South Africa later on in his childhood, David never imagined that fashion would form such a pivotal part of his life. Today the suave man is a stylist whose focus is on personal brand styling. He brings it to light that initially he wanted to become a chef resulting in him studying hospitality in Johannesburg. While modelling part-time in his first year in 2014, his zeal for styling was fully ignited. David admits that he had always expressed an interest in styling however did not know how to go about it professionally. Having first handedly seen how things operate through his modelling gigs, he took it upon himself to venture into the field and has never looked back. Today his studies are in Business in Canada, a field which he intends on fusing with his passion.

When asked what styling is about, he said “At the core it is all about making the client happy and satisfying their needs. Being able to cater for individuals from all walks of life and making them more comfortable with clothing. If they do not feel stylish and empowered by the end of the experience then I have failed”. Having gone through different style phases, a few which he admits to being embarrassed of, David describes his style as the perfect balance between formal and casual. Dress pants, sneakers, shirts and linen shorts are his go-to pieces. “Anything that is a little more dressed up than your everyday look, but is still relaxed”, said the stylist. When asked about a defining moment in his career he revealed that there has not been one and that every client brings an amazing experience which not only builds him but grows them as well.

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