Aletta Francina De Kock

Aletta Francina De Kock
April 19, 2018 Sour Mango


Bewitching, boundless and whimsical are just a few words in a plethora that can be used to define the astounding work by Aletta Francina De Kock. Though she might be from a small town this lady not only possesses the soul of a good old girl but the finesse of a big city girl. With a personality of gold and the talent to accompany it, it comes as no surprise that she has become one of the individuals within cinematography that you cannot dismiss.

Aletta is a cinematographer originating from the quiet and quaint town of Paarl. She brought it to light that imagery has always played an important part in her life and that looking back at her childhood it is not startling that she ventured into this field. Though she might only be 21, her journey has been long. Aletta said, ‘I knew that I wanted be to a photographer in the fifth grade after I had taken a few pictures while on holiday with my family”. “It was something that I loved and could not get enough of”. She highlights that it was only later on in life with the boom of YouTube that her interest in cinematography was spiked. “I started off with YouTube videos documenting the most trivial of things and the more that I got the hang of this medium the more experimental I became”. The cinematographer said that with this experimentation slowly but surely she began to understand the concepts of motion and movement. “Having grasped these techniques along with the constant learning process I started creating new content and today it is my career”.

When asked about what her work is about, she said “that it is about allowing for individuals to live and relive moments. She highlights that this is what she enjoys the most about looking back at the pictures that she has taken. “What I love about cinematography is that unlike photography it is not a single moment but continuous moments”. She furthermore brought it to light that more importantly her work is about enriching the lives of individuals. Aletta describes her style of cinematography as documentary styled yet dreamy. She said that she adopted the documentary aesthetic because it is all about authenticity. “We live in a world where almost everything has become staged and I sometimes think that in the quest for perfection people forget that there is true beauty in real moments”. When asked about a defining moment in her career she revealed that it was when she successfully established her film business by the age of 21 after having dropped out of university. She admits that this was one of her most trialing moments in life. “It has taught me so much and has helped me conquer the hurdle of self-employment. She revealed that in the industry that she works in it is very rare to find individuals as young as her with successful businesses and that every opportunity presented to her is always motivating and humbling.

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