Desta French

Desta French
October 10, 2018 Sour Mango

Image by Sam Rockman (@rockersalmighty)


With a sound that is enticing from the first note, soulful in its message, classical in its composition, timeless in its sound yet on the pulse of what is current, it truly is a shame if you have not been acquainted with the talent that is Desta French. At such a tender age humble artist has honed her talent way beyond her years achieving what only so many could dream about and is well on her way towards achieving the star status that she is well deserving of.

Desta French is a musician hailing out of Camden Town in the north of London. The artist characterizes her work as an amalgamation of the artists who have had a significant impact on her throughout her life. She brings it to light that her goal as an artist is to provide individuals with a world that helps them escape the challenges of everyday life by bringing magic into their spaces. Desta French said that when it comes to her music there is not a particular specialty and that she loves to explore different sounds as well as different genres. She does however admit that her sound is heavily influenced by Latin Music, R&B, Funk, Disco as well as Soul. While she majored in Drama and Hispanic Studies it is very clear that her journey has deviated from those disciplines. Desta highlights that music has always played an important role in her life with the driving force behind this being that this medium has allowed for her to authentically express herself through it. The artist brings it to light that music has always played an immense part of her life so much so that she cannot recall when it actually ignited her interest. She said that all she remembers was listening to classics from the likes of George Michael, Toni Braxton and Michael Jackson at a young age not understanding what they were saying however grasping that there was something special about the messages they were conveying. When asked about the source of her inspiration for her songs, the artist stated that her songs are predominantly inspired by personal experiences. “My writing is extremely autobiographical with everything that I have written having come from a situation that I have experienced”. She furthermore brought it to light that her experiences play tremendously into what her work is about. “I am currently on a journey with daily events impacting who I am”. “This means that I am constantly discovering things about myself and you can feel that in my music”.

“I view my work as being 360 degree project and while a bulk of it might be concerned with providing individuals with an alternative world, at its core it is concerned about self-discovery, finding my voice as well as allowing for individuals to find their voices through mine”. Desta furthermore states that her music is about shining light on social issues such the perceptions of the Latin community and more importantly the perceptions of Latin women in the media. “I believe that it is very important to show that there is more to the Latin community than the narrative that is constantly shown in the media”. When asked about a defining moment in her career she revealed that as an independent artist there have been quite a few however the one that stands out the most for her was when a young girl from South Africa mimed the lyrics of her song on Instagram and tagged her in it. Desta French states that after having put in a lot of work and time into the song it was humbling to see someone embrace something that is so personal to her. Additionally, the artist brought it to light that performing at the Camden Town Jazz Club also served as a defining moment in her career as this had always been one of her aspirations.

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